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Can I come to see the products?  Yes, with an appointment.  Rustic Charm EPG operates with Barn Up The Hill and one must have an appointment. To set up your appointment contact  Please note that our warehouse is on limited hours from November to April. 

Can I pick up my rental order?   Yes, we will set up a date and time for your pick up and return. 

Can I drop my rental off on the weekend?  No, rentals over the weekend are dropped off on Mondays. 

Can I fit an arbour or prop in my car?   We do make most of our arbours and props collapsable for transport. A truck, Van or SUV would be the best option.












Do you provide instructions for set up?  Yes, we provide instructions for any of our product that require it. 

Do you provide tools for set up?  No, we do provide a list of tools you will need if dismantling has been done for transport.
Do you provide blankets or straps for pick up?   No, if you are picking up larger rental pieces you will need to bring blankets and straps to ensure product security. 

Do you charge for Delivery?  Yes, let us know where you need your rentals delivered to and we will give you a quote.  Please note that delivery fees will be for drop off and pick up.  


Do you set up?  When we deliver your order it is to the driveway.  Our team does not set your rentals up unless arrangements are made. Charges may apply. 

RC Rentals

Do you accept Credit Cards?   Not at this time. We are working on converting our website and will be then. 

Can I pay for my rentals with a payment plan?  If you have a larger order and need to pay in increments you can as long as your non refundable portion is paid upfront and the remainder of your amount owing is paid by 90 days prior to your event. 

What if I do not need or use part of my rental can I get a refund?   Unfortunately once you book an item for rental it is held for you thus making it not available to others who might have rented the item.  If your cancellation is prior to 90 days of your event you will be refunded any funds paid above your non refundable deposit.  Please see cancellation policy in terms and conditions. 

What if I break or damage my rental?   Once we see the damage we will assess if it can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.  There will be a charge to your account for any damage or replacement costs.  


I rented table clothes and we stained them should I treat them before returning?   No, please do not treat any stains as our team will assess the stain and have it treated to ensure optimum outcome for reuse, if possible.  


Do Linens come pressed?   Our linens come pressed but do have press lines in them.

Do the arbour scarves and florals come attached or with something to attach?  No, you are responsible to provide what you will attach them with. We recommend using zip ties. 

What if we lose a game piece?   This will be charged to your account and taken off of your damage deposit. If the game piece cannot be singularly replaced and a whole set is required to replace you will be charged for the full replacement. 

If you have questions we have not answered please reach out to us at

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